Garden pavilion

Based on a design by and in collaboration with KM Tuinplanning BVBA, a 20 ‘dry van container was converted into a beautiful-looking garden pavilion.

Office containers

Together with Trimensies (Construction and Interior Coordination) and Five AM (Interior Architects), Cetem Containers transformed 1 x 10′, 6 x 20′ and 6 x 40′ containers into office, reception, meeting and technical spaces. After the containers were modified at our workshop, they were put together by our technicians.


Project in collaboration with NOW Architects and Studiomie. Two containers placed on each other to form a “duplex” bed and breakfast.

CETEM containers provided the openings for windows and doors as well as mounting the containers on location.

Retail Detail

The Future of Shopping Roadshow is a unique mobile experience center that affects all major Flemish cities. This special Roadshow tells the “customer journey”: the way the customer goes if they buy something. This is entirely tailored to the local retailer. The setup consists of 6 40′ high cube containers that have been linked together.

Holiday Home

In the heart of the Ardennes, one of our clients built a holiday home. The lower floor was made of 4 20′ dry van containers. Cetem Containers NV has supplied and placed the containers for this project.

PODIUM Container

New 20′ dry van with foldable side wall, finished with floor plate.

EVENT Container

New 20′ dry van with anti-slip layer on the floor, 2 water drains, a tear plate floor on the roof, a detachable staircase and a banister.

Movable smoking area

New 20′ dry van with benches, a table, sidewall and front openings. (different variants possible)