Drop-Off-Box (DOB) container

Avoid traffic jams and reach for efficiency when picking up or delivering orders outside office hours. You have 24/7 access to your orders or deliveries thanks to the DOB container. The Drop-Off-Box container is completely tailor made. (more…)

Turnstile or tourniquet container

A new 20′ dry van container converted,¬†in collaboration with Cornelis Fencing, into a turnstile or tourniquet container¬†for use at festivals or other events.

Eye-catcher with sales container

3 secondhand 40′ dry van containers and a second-hand 40′ high cube container were repainted in black and stacked as an eye-catcher for the new Komet residential project in Mechelen. Based on a design by and in collaboration with Revive, (more…)

Beach bar

5 new 20′ dry van containers converted into a summer beach bar with bar, kitchen, first aid post and storage.

Trendy sales office

A new 20 ‘high cube container converted into a temporary and trendy office, which will be placed as sales container on new allotments. Based on a design by and in collaboration with Koramic Real Estate.

Environmental container

A 20 ‘open side converted into an environmental container with hanging racks for smaller barrels and a galvanized grid floor with drip tray for catching oil, paint or other liquid substances.

Exhibition container

A secondhand 40′ dry van provided with openings and painted in the desired colors. Based on a design by and in collaboration with 3CS for the ‘Operation North Sea 1944-’45’ exhibition in Zeebrugge.

Garden pavilion

Based on a design by and in collaboration with KM Tuinplanning BVBA, a 20 ‘dry van container was converted into a beautiful-looking garden pavilion.

Office containers

Together with Trimensies (Construction and Interior Coordination) and Five AM (Interior Architects), Cetem Containers transformed 1 x 10′, 6 x 20′ and 6 x 40′ containers into office, reception, meeting and technical spaces. After the containers were modified at our workshop, they were put together by our technicians.


Project in collaboration with NOW Architects and Studiomie. Two containers placed on each other to form a “duplex” bed and breakfast.

CETEM containers provided the openings for windows and doors as well as mounting the containers on location.