Rental containers:

New or second-hand

In these difficult times where virus COVID-19 is the determining factor for the moment, we are still here for you! Due to the imposed measures to contain corona, it’s possible that not all your goods can be delivered  and your storage space will gradually become too small. The ever-growing medical waste may not be processed in time or you do not have enough space to store the processed waste. Regardless of which sector your company belongs to, if you do not have enough storage space, renting a container may be the solution for you.

A standard container is extremely suitable as temporary extra storage space or transport of your merchandise. Your goods are stored dry and safe. Container locks and ramps are also available.

We can offer you containers, new or second-hand, in different sizes:
8′ DV   – L   2m44 W 2m20 H 2m26 –   9,95m³
10′ DV – L   2m99 W 2m44 H 2m59 – 15,95m³
20′ DV – L   6m06 W 2m44 H 2m59 – 33,10m³
40′ DV – L 12m19 W 2m44 H 2m59 – 67,60m³

Of course we also have 40 ‘High Cube containers (H 2m90) with a storage capacity of 76.20m³ available.

Plenty of possibilities!! For more information or a quotation, contact us !!
0032 (0)3 541 10 12