When you buy a container from us, we can also arrange delivery for you.

This is possible with a standard container chassis or with a crane truck.

If you have the option of picking up the chassis at the place of delivery, we will use a standard container chassis for transportation. This allows us to transport 1 x 40′ container or 2 x 20′ containers at a time.

However, if you do not have this possibility, we can provide the delivery with a crane truck. This truck can place the container next to the chassis. This also allows us to transport 1 x 40′ container or 2 x 20′ containers.

When buying multiple containers, we can drive with 1 crane truck (with 1 x 40′ container or 2 x 20′ containers) and add the required number of standard chassis. The crane truck will take the remaining containers from their standard chassis.



Not all areas are accessible for trucks.

  • For example, a crane truck in a meadow is not sufficiently stable to place a container.
  • A larger truck (especially crane truck) cannot be used everywhere because of its dimensions and turning radius. If the place of delivery is rather limited in space, please state accordingly in advance. That way we can estimate the situation better which will then result in a better chance at a smooth delivery.

We are also able to pick up and drop loaded containers.

Please take into consideration that the container can only be placed/picked up next to the truck.

We offer delivery, relocation and collection as additional services to our customers.

Containers can be picked up by truck or barge.

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist you when it comes to shipping services.